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An invitation from Marti Mongiello

Marti invites you to be featured in the 'Hail to the Chef' movie. Marti has worked with the past five presidents of the United States for 25 years. As a White House Chef and Camp David Resort and Conference Center GM he cooked for many world presidents, King, Queen, princes, prime minister, and celebrities. He's the current CEO of the U.S. Presidential Culinary Museum.
If you would like to be featured while speaking to Marti in the film to inspire the viewers about your story/ideas about cooking, or have Marti use some of your products while demonstrating cooking in the film, then please apply below.

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About the Film Makers

Patryk & Kasia Wezowski have raised over four million dollars to create four films, including LEAP, IMPACT and THE EARNED LIFE. Marti Mongiello loved their movies, so he has officially sanctioned Patryk & Kasia to make a full feature documentary together to inspire viewers about cooking. There’s room for you and/or your food brand to be involved and to be featured in the film.

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